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Meet Our Team

Our team always aims to help you with all your multi-function printer needs.

Neil Warren - Managing Director

Neil Warren

What I know: Solutions inside out, personal service and personalised solutions have built Clarity Wessex to what it is today, that a seven iron usually gets me out of trouble.

What I do: Understand business needs clearly and deliver precise solutions to meet these, lightly take the helm of the fantastic Clarity Wessex team, sharp creative thinking on my feet, annoying office banter.

What I like: Creating and providing simple effective solutions for businesses, building long term relationships with clients, cycling the lanes of the South Downs.

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Ian Gribble - Document Solutions Consultant

What I know: In depth knowledge of the office solutions industry, the latest developments in hardware & software capabilities across all the major brands, that sitting up straight is good for your back.

What I do: Save clients money and improve processes, work with businesses to build streamlined operations solutions for all their scanning, printing and copying needs, personalised service solutions for every client, provide a sense of calm.

What I like: Sharing my experience in the industry with clients to ensure they are happy and stress free with their copier/printer choices, creating personalised solutions that simply work, the rare occasion when the red and white stripes… of Sunderland score a goal!

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Ian Gribble

Mark Kearns - Service Manager

Mark Kearns

What I know: 35 years of working with copiers and understand the importance of a fully integrated customer system; that meticulously overseeing stock ensures clients needs are effectively met, maintained and managed; when a client has a problem it’s of the utmost importance that we solve it quickly.

What I do: Thrive resolving customer technical challenges, oversee clients training needs for all new products and ensure technical upgrades are implemented; personalised, fast, friendly, tailored support for each customer; In a nutshell I help customers and take pride that no problem is too small or inconvenient.

What I like: Satisfied smile on a clients face when their printer solutions are installed and running smoothly, Clarity Wessex’s service team camaraderie; footie, felines and Florida fairways – avoiding the alligators!