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Refurbished Devices

From our own workshops here in Southampton we meticulously strip down every device to component level before commencing a comprehensive Refurbishment Program to ensure we deliver a first class product that looks and performs as good as it did the day it was first unboxed!

Every refurbished device is supplied with the same full onsite service support guarantee as if it were a new machine; this is just one of the reasons we have been successful in supplying 1000s of devices.

Leasing or buying a Refurbished copier from Clarity Copiers is a smart business decision. It will provide your office with the productivity it requires for many years but won’t come with the elevated costs of a brand new copy machine.

Beginning with your first contact with us, you can count on a wonderful copier experience. We will help you select the right copier that meets your business and budget demands.

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Secretary, Rowlands Castle Golf Club:

Having gone from purchasing second hand copiers outright to a system of lease purchase we have noticed that this is proving more economic. I would have no hesitation in recommending Clarity Copiers

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